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Zoom Meetings | UR Courses: Guides

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Enter the meeting topic, an optional description, the date and time the meeting starts, and the duration. The time zone should default to the one set for your account. If this is a recurring meeting, check the Recurring meeting box. If you will require registration to participate in the meeting check the Registration box. Generate or select to use your Personal Meeting ID. This is used by participants to make sure they are accessing the correct meeting. To ensure only the desired participants can access your meeting, check the Passcode box and use the generated number or set your own.

Then to control when participants access the meeting you can use a Waiting Room. If you check the waiting room box you will be able to let participants into your meeting one by one, or all at once. If you do not use a waiting room participants will enter the meeting as they arrive.

Select your video and audio defaults for this meeting. Choose if you want the host and participant cameras to be on by default. Both the host and participants can control their video once in the meeting. Select how participants can access the audio of your meeting. Telephone: Participants can only join by telephone. Both: Participants can join using either their telephone or computer.

Choose your meeting options. Completed by the person who will do the scheduling i. Go to Google Calendar. Refresh the screen so you see the updates. Click Make it a Zoom Meeting and choose the person you are scheduling for the person who should own the room i. To ensure that you have set up the Zoom meeting correctly where you are not the host but your supervisor is log in to stonybrook. Additional Information. There are no additional resources available for this article. Provide Feedback.

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Zoom Video Conferencing-Scheduling Meetings – SCHEDULE YOUR ZOOM MEETINGS

Select “Enable join before host”. Students will be able to join before you do, and can interact with each other digitally. Select “Mute participants. To add a Zoom link to your Mixmax Meeting Templates, head over to your Meeting Templates Dashboard, then select the meeting template you would. To schedule a Zoom meeting, click the Meetings link and then the Schedule a New Meeting button to create a new meeting. Schedule a Meeting.


Use Zoom to meet with students – Learning Technology Services.

Generate or select to use your Personal Meeting ID. This is used by participants to make sure they are accessing the correct meeting. There are two options to select from – Any Zoom account and Passport York. Sign in to leave feedback.