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How to record zoom webinar on laptop –

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MiniTool Video Converter , with a built-in screen recorder, lets you easily record a webinar for free on Windows 10 and save it as a high-quality MP4 file. Free Download.

Can you record a live webinar for later reference? Below, you can learn how to record a webinar video and audio on Windows 10 with 3 free tools. To record online meetings on Mac, iPhone, or Android, some free webinar recording software are also listed for your reference. Check the step-by-step guide below for how to record a webinar. Adjust the webinar window you want to record. You can then drag your mouse to select the webinar window that you want to record.

Start or join the online meeting. Click the red Record button or press F6 to start recording the webinar. Press F9 to pause or resume the recording. To stop the recording, press F6. After the recording, you can double-click the recording file to play it. Click the Open folder icon at the bottom-left corner to open the file location. To record online meetings on Windows 10, you can also use Windows built-in screen recorder app — Game Bar.

But you can also use it to record anything on your PC screen including webinars. After the recording, you can click Show all captures to open the Gallery window. Microsoft PowerPoint also offers a screen recording feature. Then, in Snagit, select the Video tab. Next, press the red Capture button and use the crosshairs to select the area of your screen you want to record. You can adjust the capture area after drawing your selection using the handles on the edge of the selected area. In the video toolbar, make sure that the system audio icon is green, as this means the video will capture the sound from your computer.

If it is not green, click the icon to turn system audio on. You can also hover your cursor over the button and the tooltip will tell you if system audio is on or off. In the rare case that you also want to record your voice, make sure the microphone icon is green enabled as well. When the webinar starts, click the Record button and Snagit will start recording after a three- second countdown.

While the webinar is running, be careful not to move your browser window or tab between applications. Make sure you type the same password in both boxes. Click “Continue” when you are done. Click I’m not a robot. Click the checkbox in the box below the email invite boxes. This box confirms that you are a person. Invite users to the meeting optional. There are three boxes where you can type an email address. Use these boxes to invite others to your meeting. Click “Add another email” if you need to invite more people.

Click “Invite” when you are done. If you don’t wish to invite anybody at this time, click “Skip this step”. This will take you to a webpage where you can start a meeting. Click Start Meeting Now. It’s the orange box below the URL. Use the URL to invite others to the meeting. This will take you to a page where you can download the Zoom client. It’s the link at the bottom of the web browser.

Click the Zoom launcher file. By default, your downloaded files will be found in your “Download” folder. This will launch the Zoom client and the meeting. Part 2. Click the Record button. It’s the circular button at the bottom of the Zoom client.

You can click the stop or pause icon to stop recording. Click Share Screen. It’s the green icon with a box and an arrow pointing up at the bottom-center.

Select the window you want to share. Select “Desktop” to share everything on your computer screen, you can also select a specific app or the whiteboard. You can also share your iPhone or iPad screen, but you need to install an additional plug-in. It’s the blue button at the bottom of the popup. This will share your window or desktop with the participants. Click “Stop Share” at the top of the screen when you are finished sharing your desktop, whiteboard, or desktop application.

Click End Meeting. It’s in the lower-right corner.



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Try Bandicam – Zoom Recorder: Bandicam is the best recording software for Zoom meetings and chat. How to record Zoom meetings Recording a meeting couldn’t be easier. You simply click the Recording button at the bottom of your Zoom window.