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What do i need to take part in a zoom meeting –

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This is Not a Zoom account and you do not need a Zoom account to join a meeting. You are now set to begin. The day of a program, you will receive an email. Here is an Example of what the link will look like. Please do not try to enter this meeting. Meeting ID: Password: To join a meeting, simply click on the Join Zoom meeting link and follow the prompts.

We suggest that you sign in a few minutes early to address any problems that might arise. When on a PC, the attendee controls appear at the bottom of your screen.

When using a MAC, the attendee controls appear at the top of the screen. At the top right of your screen, you will see the words — Gallery View or Speaker View. This is what you need to know. Click on icon and a list of participants will appear on the right side of the screen. Share Screen : You will not need this to participate in a Zoom meeting.

Chat : Access the chat window to submit questions of the speaker. Click on chat icon. Chat will open at the right of the screen. Go to bottom and see — type message — write your message ie hello everyone and hit the enter button on your computer. Record : Attendees do not have access to this function Leave : You can leave the meeting at any time even while it continues for the other participants. Only the host can end the meeting. One more important feature At the top right of your screen, you will see the words — Gallery View or Speaker View Gallery view — your screen will be filled with the participants at the meeting Speaker view — your screen will be filled by the person who is presenting Click on this icon to shift from one view to another Zoom is a new skill for most of us so we need to be patient as we learn to use this platform.

Since we all learn differently, below are several additional ways of becoming familiar with Zoom. We suggest that you try more than one resource for learning. Jun Aug View Calendar.


Participant guide – South Australian Certificate of Education

Smartphones and tablets will need to have a video option. Our story. The host will connect you to the event once it begins. Ideally, you should share this meeting agenda with all of the participants so that everyone knows what to expect.


What do i need to take part in a zoom meeting


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What do i need to take part in a zoom meeting.Zoom FAQs: Joining Meetings


When starting a Zoom meeting with a new group of teammatescoworkers, or clients, it can feel a little strange to know the right things to xoom or say. Should you be professional or more relaxed?

Should you wear a suit or a t-shirt? Should dl chat and make small talk or dive right into the task at hand? Naturally, the answers to these questions will differ a little for everyone. That said, there are some rules of Zoom etiquette that everyone should follow.

While Zoom etiquette may not be nded exact science, there are some rules that help keep virtual meetings running smoothly. In short, Zoom etiquette will enable you to what do i need to take part in a zoom meeting a more productive, professional, and meetlng meeting.

Instead, it is a blanket term for virtual meeting etiquette across all possible platforms, including SkypeMicrosoft Teamsor Google Meet. Audio is one of the most important factors you should consider when participating in oart virtual meeting. Many people assume what do i need to take part in a zoom meeting they can just open up their laptop and start a meeting.

So, here are some items and habits you can use to take control of your own noise:. When it comes to your appearance during a virtual meeting, there are three important factors to consider:.

For most Zoom meetings, you should aim to ot business casual attire. This will strike a good balance between comfort and professionalism.

You di also need to take note of how you interact with the camera. Most people look at their computer screens. Finally, make sure that you look tidy in your appearance.

You can put on your best business suit and still look messy. So, make sure that your hair is tidy and your general appearance matches the tone and nature of the meeting. You can improve your appearance by using an adequate light source. If possible, try to use natural lighting and an angle that keeps your entire face in full view. Privacy concerns should always be toward the top of your priority list. So, here are a few steps to take to ensure your own privacy and the privacy of your meeting attendees:.

You can also enhance your own security by joining the meeting from a secure home network. For example, if your meeting has no need for the screen share feature, then you can just switch this option off by clicking on od Security icon and disabling screen-sharing. Is there a zoom outage now, you need to consider your own privacy as well.

The last thing fo want is for your camera to show everyone the pile whar dirty laundry or the unmade bed behind you! If you have a meeting in which one person gives a presentation to a group, you may not need to worry about this rule as much. However, if your virtual meeting is more of a conversation between colleagues, you need to ensure that everyone gets the chance to what do i need to take part in a zoom meeting and answer questions.

It is the responsibility of the meeting host what do i need to take part in a zoom meeting make sure that nobody monopolizes the meeting or takes valuable time away from others. To prevent this situation, you can politely insert yourself into the conversation to ask someone a question.

You can also kick things off with a few jeed ice breakers to make everyone feel more comfortable and engaged. Nobody likes to feel stuck in a never-ending Zoom meeting. Neer you need to address a lot of topics, make sure that you dive right into the work so that people can get back to their lives as soon as possible. The best way to properly manage time is to create an agenda before the meeting starts.

Ideally, you should share this meeting agenda with all of the participants so that everyone knows what to expect. You should also make an estimate of tke long each topic or task will take. This way, you can keep an eye on the clock as you go, maintaining a comfortable pace and ensuring that the meeting can finish in a reasonable amount ih time.

The reality is that Zoom etiquette will help you be productive and create a more comfortable environment for all your virtual meeting participants.

While being kind and patient are both standard ways to improve the experience, you should also follow the Zoom rules above to get the most out of every meeting. Do you want to ваш join a zoom meeting from microsoft teams моему more info about the benefits of Otter.

Contact Otter. Why Otter. Productivity Hacks. Chang Chen January 19, What is Zoom Etiquette? Take control of your own noise. Get the latest updates direct to your inbox. Thank takf Your submission has been received! Product Update. Simon Lau March 29, Press Releases. Meet the new Otter what do i need to take part in a zoom meeting the one stop for meeting needs for the half billion hybrid work professionals Today Meehing.

Otter March 29, Although messaging and email dominate many of our day-to-day interactions, sometimes Chang Chen January 13, Tske Hart May 23, We include the features and pricing of each app to guide your decision. Chang Chen March 31, No items found.