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Article – Zoom System requirements.One moment, please

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When hosting a meeting using the Zoom desktop client, it is recommended that your PC has a dual-core Ghz or higher processor (Intel i3/i5/i7 or AMD. A general rule of thumb is a PC or Mac computer that is no more than 5 years old should meet the minimum requirements. • Bandwidth requirements. • The bandwidth.


Zoom System Requirements | Information Management Systems and Services.Article – Zoom System requirements


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How do I update my details on Wisenet? Why can I only update certain details on the My Details section on Wisenet? How do I update my password for Wisenet Student Portal? How do I view the final overall grade for the papers I have completed? I don’t think the final grade for my paper is correct – what do I do? My lecturer said I need to download a specific form from Wisenet – where do I find this?

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How do I change my text editor style preferences in Pou Manawa Akoranga? Zoom should automatically detect any connected devices which can be selected in the audio and camera settings.

However, if you are having issues, please see the Zoom knowledge base for troubleshooting video and audio problems. When hosting a session, use a wired headset when possible. This will increase the audio quality, decreases the chance for echoes or audio distortion, and will be more reliable than a wireless headset.

Bluetooth audio devices can increase latency, are prone to connection issues, and can run low on battery during a session.

Whilst most standard USB audio and video devices will automatically work, Zoom has a list of officially supported devices on this page. Zoom can allow you to conceal or blur the background of your camera, replacing it with an image or video.

To set a background or filter, click your profile menu and open the Zoom application Settings. Please note the quality of this feature can be impacted by your PC specifications — technical requirements are available on this page.

If your PC does not meet the requirements, you may still use the feature, but you must have a green screen or neutral background in order for Zoom to distinguish your image from the background.

Click here for additional guidance on configuring the Virtual Background feature. Did this answer your query? If not, you can raise a ticket on the online Helpdesk or email: its-helpdesk qmul.