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ZoomInfo is a leading business information provider offering real-time, in-depth profiles of 65 million businesspeople and six million businesses as well as the most powerful tools for searching and targeting. Is zoominfo. Good site. Claim this site. Share your thoughts Sort by: Newest. The most trustworthy online protection. Owned by “ZoomInfo”, this site is technically safe for your computer; but ZoomInfo is a data miner which assumes that any data it can acquire belongs to it.

Its collected data is not necessarily accurate and may include proprietary details not intended for the public. It transmits sensitive personal data over unsecured connections. It pretends to offer a way to rectify or remove your information – actually to acquire more of your data – but then denies such requests by blaming inaccuracies on the third-party sources from which ZoomInfo scraped the data. Blue Zee.

This site is designed to bait you in by obtaining personal data about people, then making it hard to remove it. Further they attempt to force you into installing their software. Write your lawmakers, get real privacy laws passed to stop this disgusting, unscrupulous practice of buying and selling personal data.

When trying to view more details about a company, it immediately, and without asking for permission, downloads an executable, with a clear UX for users to “click run”. This is a really bad experience that teaches users to download malware. Their privacy policy also states that business contacts, headers, signature blocks, etc. Really fishy! When you go to use their site search toolbar, it tries to download an exe file executable program to your computer with vague description it will collect all your contacts off your computer and you authorize it to.

This site gathers and stores personal data without asking for one’s permission. Content not found. Dutch Mountain. Zoominfo has scraped and copied the content of my website and published it in an apparently randomly generated company profile.

This profile contains fictitious employee details and shows a completely incorrect company address and phone number, as well as stolen site text and registered trade marks in contravention of clearly stated copyright notices. Repeated requests to have these removed from zoominfo have been ignored. It seems zoominfo have no respect for copyright or individuals’ personal information and are uninterested in differentiating personal details of both adults and minors, presumably from that of companies.

Frankly, I’m amazed that zoominfo has been given a scorecard with a green background – one look at other contributers’ comments will tell you there’s something going on here that is not right.

WOT needs to investigate this. These internet stalkers harvest information about people and feed that back in search engine searches. Not trustworthy. This site scrapes your info off other websites and compiles unauthorized profiles of you. How WOT can say this site is trustworthy is beyond me. We get spam from them every few days with stupid stuff like “Are you having trouble logging in? When you ask to be removed you just get stupid unrelated emails and more of them. They also want to collect your contacts so they can spam them also.

WOT needs to have their heads examined if they consider zoominfo. I am so fed up with spammers that I’ve contacted our attorneys as it is illegal in California.

When their bot visits your site, it makes it look like its a new search engine, but their site is all about SEO, or “Extreme Targeting and Lead Generation”. Nothing about searching. The URL in their bot tells you nothing about what they are scraping your site for, and they ignore your robots file.

They stole personal information and publish on the web. Such as scammer. This site spams. This site sometimes sends mail to addresses that never existed, which were apparently poorly scraped off web sites. As a member of our directory, we would like to share valuable and relevant industry news with you from time to time.

In addition, we often have the opportunity to offer information about interesting products and services from business partners, and we will occasionally share your email address with them if we think the information will be relevant to you.

We’re going to send you spam, and we’re going to sell your email address to some of our fellow spammers unless you tell us not to. About this site ZoomInfo is a leading business information provider offering real-time, in-depth profiles of 65 million businesspeople and six million businesses as well as the most powerful tools for searching and targeting.

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– Is zoominfo safe to download


Already Registered? Sign In. Forgot Your Password. Reset Password mail sent, please check your inbox for further processing. Would you like to reset your password? Please enter an email address and we will send you a reset link. Thanks for the download. Please check your email for the link. What is ZoomInfo? Official Website. ZoomInfo It’s our business to grow yours. This browser is no longer supported. Download Microsoft Edge More info.

Table of contents Exit focus mode. Table of contents. Yes No. Any additional feedback? Submit and view feedback for This product This page. View all page feedback. In this article. System Administrator More information: Predefined security roles for Sales. The unique name of the solution. This is generated using the value you enter in the Display Name column. You can edit this before you save the solution, but you can’t change it once it’s been saved. You can select the default publisher or create a new publisher.

It also regularly provides updates on any leadership changes or any relevant news that could help you with sales prospecting. However, unlike ZoomInfo, the data gathering process is not automatic but manual.

Image Via DiscoverOrg. This is a powerful sales tool that can be a good ZoomInfo alternative for finding contact data. They also have a Chrome extension that lets you manage all of your prospects in an easy and efficient manner.

Apart from the prospecting features, this tool can also help with the outreach aspect. You can use it to run drip email campaigns to engage your leads. It also integrates with other platforms like Salesforce, Pipedrive, and Hubspot , making it all the more useful. Image Via Prospect. The price for the Premium plan can be customized as per business requirements.

This is a prospecting and contact management platform that can be a great ZoomInfo alternative. It comes with numerous features that can help you with your entire sales pipeline. From finding relevant industry leads to extracting all relevant contact data and information about them, it helps you do it all. Additionally, it also monitors changes in this contact-related information to identify trends to fuel your strategy.

Another great feature that it offers is that you can get detailed company profiles with all business-related information about a company. You can use this to find prospective B2B clients for your business and make a pitch in the right way. Image Via Mattermark. This is a sales intelligence platform that provides you with everything you need for generating leads and driving them through the sales funnel.

This ZoomInfo alternative provides detailed company and contact data that captures information in detail. Some key features include targeted prospect lists, robust business intelligence capabilities, and a lot more. This is another good ZoomInfo alternative for finding and organizing contact details. It provides you with all relevant information about a contact or company to help you make better business decisions.

It has a plugin that scans the social profiles of prospects when you visit them and gathers all relevant information from there. It is a fairly simple-to-use tool that can be leveraged by businesses of all sizes and types. Image Via Lusha. Price : There is a free trial plan for one user. This is a powerful business intelligence platform that provides you with quality data and analytics to empower your teams to perform better.

It is a highly scalable tool that can be used by businesses of all sizes from startups to enterprises. One of its best features is that it has a drag-and-drop interface that lets you visualize all of your data using dashboards. Overall, it is a great ZoomInfo alternative that gathers and organizes data for your use in an efficient manner. Image Via Sisense.

For more ZoomInfo pricing information, you can contact the vendor. Easy to use, beautiful app that allows me to gather quick insights on the go. By marinaboston. So much love for zoominfo. By Joyciejd. I put in my email address to sign in for an account and I keep getting the message that I need to put in my business email address.

I use my personal email for both business and pleasure. App is a fail. Deleting it. By beau By Alchemist By sylwekj By Me By TheJL Seriously, how long has the iPad been around?

How long have mobile browsers been around? Who does all their work off an iPhone? Huge weak spot of ZoomInfo. By SeniorSpartan. App is horrible. Doesn’t integrate with enterprise edition. Tried every option to get logged in with our credentials to no avail.

Credentials work on computer. Also, doesn’t allow for username sign in. Only email address. By Bon Mac. One star bc stuck on app not accepting psw. Ugh frustrating!


Is zoominfo safe to download –

Читать статью Your Password. By Me Vernell Endo 24 December – Reply. Select the t subarea and then, on the right pane under the Properties tab, enter the following information to add ZoomInfo site map entry:. If you want to learn more about their pricing, you can see their additional pricing plans here. From finding relevant industry leads to extracting all relevant contact data and information about them, it helps you is zoominfo safe to download it all.