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Welcome Pet Parents
Professional Pet Nanny, Inc offers quality Pet Play Sitting® in your home with our Pet Play Nanny® when at work or when traveling. We offer Pet Play Sitting®, Dog Walking, Puppy Program & Overnights in your home.  We make visits to your home for Pet Care. Meet your Pet Play Nanny® to before services begin.  Many of our Pet Parents report a dramatic difference in the mood of their pets, from traditional Pet Sitting upon arriving home.  Pets in our care, "those who love you the most", are relaxed and content from play with our Pet Play Nanny®. 

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Quick Service:

Feel free to contact the office for last minute needs! We have a Pet Play Nanny® in your neighborhood for your home and pets. The office will be happy to schedule time to meet your Pet Play Nanny® before you depart for your trip. We offer extended office hours from 8am - 9pm daily, weekends & holidays to accept your call.



Our rates are found under the Services drop-down above. We offer one rate per visit to your home according to the programs offered. Additional needs may be arranged with office staff. We offer four (4) options for pet care: Dog Walking, Pet Play Sittting, Smart Puppy Plan® & Overnights.  Dog Walking is included with all visits to your home for both Dog Walking & Pet Play Sitting®. Our Dog Walking option is available while at work for let-outs & walking. Pet Play Sitting® includes Home Care, Pet Play & Dog Walking with your Pet Play Nanny®.


Feel free to reserve as many visits to your home as needed. You always meet your Pet Play Nanny® before services begin. Your Pet Play Nanny® has passed had a complete background check. Your Pet Play Nanny® is fully bonded & insured.



We offer a Pet Play Nanny® who lives in your neighborhood for you to meet for current & on-going service. Never worry if we do not have service available for you. We are happy to make a referral, if we cannot meet your needs for Home & Pet Play Sitting®. Keeping your pets at home in their familiar sights and sounds is our top priority!

Services Offered:
  • Visit to your apartment, condo or house.
  • Pet Meals cooked, chopped, mixed & served;
  • Feeding monitored for stealers & shyness
  • Most Medication Administration;
  • Feline Subcutaneous Fluids, Shots & Pills
  • Neighborhood Dog Walking
  • Play Therapy
  • Clean-up of Pet Area
  • Plant, package, mail & newspaper care.
  • Crime Deterrent & Alarm System
  • Veterinarian Visits
  • Updates while Traveling
  • Overnight stays
  • Daily Diary left in your home with each visit.
  • Monthly Dog Walking Service while at Work
  • 24/7 Reservation System On-line
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Professional Pet Nanny, Inc. has been serving tens of thousands of pets at home since 2000. We service the Greater Cincinnati & N. Kentucky 365 days per year including all holidays. We are a fully bonded & insured, Pet CPR & First-Aid certified,BBB accredited & recepient Angies List Super Service Award for 8 years. Feel free to call and schedule an appointment to meet a loving

Pet Play Nanny® near you today.

Angies List Super Service Award 8 Years 

Cincinnati Pet Sitting - Professional Pet Nanny, Inc We are honored to announce that Professional Pet Nanny, Inc. has been awarded the Angies List Super Service Award for 2015. This is our eighth year to receive this award with 5% of service professionals on Angies List achieving this recognition. Thank you Pet Parents for your candid review of the services that we offer while at work and for travel in the Greater Cincinnati & N Kentucky area.

Pet Play Nanny


The traditional concept of pet sitting at home for pet care is often thought of as "scoop, hydrate and feed" for your pets. Our Pet Play Nanny® takes pet sitting to a new level. When a Pet Play Nanny® cares for your pets, play therapy is considered the primary aspect for pet care each visit to your home. We find most pets want to go on vacation too! They want to stay at home in their familiar sights-and-sounds while you are away and play. They want to have fun themselves. We discovered long ago that cats enjoy play with our Pet Play Nanny®. Dogs enjoy playing along with walks. Energizing & playing with all pets including, leaping & jumping, is one of the primary roles of your Pet Play Nanny®. We also include birds & reptiles in our fun & frolic sessions if they are playful.


There are times when bringing out luggage, then packing & zipping-up luggage causes stress for your pets. You have not yet departed and your pets are stressed. Separation anxiety for pets, while you are away, may cause nervous chewing & destruction, food stealing among others, feather picking, excessive hairballs or loss of appetite. Your Pet Play Nanny® will personally meet with you before departure. We listen carefully to help develop a care plan for play with your pets along with care for your home. Favorite toys and fun exercise at home, in the yard or on walks are reviewed.


When you return home, we receive reports of your pets relaxed, comfortable & happy. Our office works closely with you and your Pet Play Nanny® to build a lasting relationship with your pets. Resulting in a comfortable vacation for all!



Smart Puppy Plan


Smart Puppy Plan - Professional Pet Nanny, Inc

New Pet Parents relax with training your puppys' bladder. You may now stop leaving work mid-day for puppy care to support your needs for additional meals & bladder training. We offer the Smart Puppy Plan® to help with puppy care that includes reinforcing your exact wishes for bladder training & to support your exact meal schedule. Our Smart Puppy Plan® is a two part approach for puppy care in your home. We arrive at the assigned time for puppy care during your busy workday. Your Pet Play Nanny® offers yard time for immediate elimination. Inside your puppy is feed then offered water and Pet Play Sitting®. Your Pet Play Nanny® then goes out again for elimination one final time. The loving results are documented with notes on your counter. You may also request a text with updates. Meet your Pet Play Nanny® to make a reservation today! Additional same day needs can also be established after your initial consultation. Graduate your puppy at any time. We never work with contracts. Our reservation system is available 24/7 once you have met your Pet Play Nanny®  to establish your exact needs. 

Daily 24 Hour Reservations


Cincinnati Puppy Pet Care - Professional Pet Nanny, Inc It is easy to order services for Home & Pet Care. Professional Pet Nanny, Inc., the leader for Pet Sitting service in Greater Cincinnati and N. Kentucky offers a 24/7 on-line reservation system. This option offers Pet Parents flexability for planning quick trips. First-time users of our reservation system will call the office to receive an ID and pass code. A meeting will be scheduled with you and your pets in your home. You are good-to-go quickly with a confirmed reservation. We offer a 24 hour reservation system at your finger tips for Dog Walks, Pet Play Sitting®, Puppy Program or Overnight needs in your home. You will meet your Pet Nanny & your reservation will be confirmed. Your secure account will be available anywhere you receive internet service including smart phone, laptop or even libraries in any time zone world-wide. You may access to modify your reservation while you travel. Additionally, the office is available during office hours to answer your call to make reservation changes.
Pet Play Sitting for Emergency Needs

Do you dread the middle-of-the-night phone call? Do you foresee pet care needs as you meet immediate family responsibilities? Could an aging parent, grandparent or family-size be changing? Will you need a to-the-minute trip to the hospital? What sets us apart for pet care, is that we may start services immediately, provided we confirm your needs and know your pets from prior reservations with us. Your pets can now remain at home in their familiar sights-and-sounds awaiting your safe arrival home. A call to the office even after you have arrived to your destination can start services to your home. We will begin Pet Play Sitting® for an immediate family emergency at no cost to you up to three (3) visits per 24 months, including the holiday season. Rest assured, when the phone rings, your Pet Play Nanny® is a phone call away!

Install Sitting


We now offer Install Sitting® when you require a repair or installation professional in your home.The next time you have scheduled the cable  to be installed, call us for an Install Sitter® for your home. The next time you have scheduled a repair for your clothes washer or air conditioner call us for an Install Sitter® for your home. You can schedule our staff to be on site in your home for the repair professional  you have scheduled who offers a four - six hour window to arrive. We offer Install Sitting® for service providers in your home 7 days per week. Feel free to schedule time in four hour incriments as needed. We will dispatch an Install Sitter® to stay in your home.





Cat Adoption Center


The Scratching Post Cat Shelter & Adoption Center is proud to celebrate their 20th year. The Center is a non-profit, no-kill cat shelter located near the Kenwood Mall off Montgomery Rd. & Plainfield Rd. Their Meow Marts offer the BEST cat toy shopping in the area. Adoptions are located at 6948 Plainfield Rd., Cinti, OH 45236. Call 984-MEOW (6369) for holiday shopping hours. They are open on the weekends!


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